Undergraduate Surveys

My surveys offer students a broad introduction to the themes of European/Mediterranean history. Students learn to think critically about the past through case-studies of daily life in pre-modern communities as well as a broad range of evidence from the past from diaries and letters to historical epidemiology/demographics to art/architecture. Evaluations center on student’s use of primary evidence, and include written (daily reading quizzes, written exams) and non-written (in-depth source discussions, mock trials) assignments.  

The Medieval World (500-1500)

This survey offers students an introduction to the history of Medieval History (500-1500) by examining how the Classical Greco-Roman world dissolved into three separate, yet intertwined civilizations: Byzantium, Islam, and Latin Christendom.  By exploring the lived experience of five medieval communities ranging from the Germano-Roman capital of Ravenna to the sleepy Anglo-Saxon backwater of West Stow to the enlightened center of Al-Andalus, Cordoba, students examine such themes in medieval history as the decline and fall of Rome, the rise of Islam, female mysticism and sainthood, and many more. Offered Fall 2016/2017

Brunetto Latini,  La Livres dou Tresor , 1315-1325

Brunetto Latini, La Livres dou Tresor, 1315-1325